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Social media Strategy online

Developing a social media strategy

Gain a presence in the social world

Most organisations are now starting to pay attention in the social world.  The question is not so much why do we need social media, but how can we are social and use social media marketing in conjunction with our marketing mix.

The benefits to social media marketing 

The benefits to social media marketing are well documented and include the ability to:

Social media marketing can act as an early warning system providing up to date and transparent information.  Social marketing provides an opportunity to develop online strategic partnerships

Social media does not work as a direct selling tool

Social media marketing provides an opportunity to build relationships and create an awareness, but do not expect people to buy from you as a direct result of an online social media message.  Companies who have developed good social media marketing reputations, have developed fun, viral messages and campaigns that have raised their brand awareness and credibility.  It is the "feel good factor" that customers get from your social media marketing, that helps cement or enhance your reputation, which can increase traffic to your business and ultimately increase sales

The SHARE social media marketing model for success

In trying to explain how social media marketing works, Win Marketing has come up with its own model - the SHARE social media marketing model for success.  This includes:

S for Strategy - know why you are implementing social media marketing

H for Hearing and listening, social media marketing is not just about talking

A for Action - make it happen - persistent and consistent approach is required

R for Reviewing - constantly see what affect you are having, monitor and adjust

E for Engaging - develop trust and start to share information that people will want to share on to their followers

Only after developing a "SHARE" approach to your social media marketing can you claim to start being successful

Strategy for social media marketing

Like any business strategy, social media marketing strategy needs to consider the who, what, where, why, how and when aspects for example:

Five don'ts for social media

In conclusion

Use the Win Marketing SHARE approach in your social media

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