Things to avoid on Social Media

20 June 2017 | Tags: , ,

Social media is a great tool for any company or brand. It allows businesses to develop personal relationships online, whilst being able to share and learn useful information relating to their customers or industry. Furthermore, if your brand shares and contributes to a significant amount of relevant news and information, you will be considered a thought leader and expert within your industry, which will enhance the reputation of your company.


Tesco’s, smoky bacon Pringles and understanding culture

26 June 2015 | Tags: , , , ,

Tesco are under fire this week for offering bacon flavoured Pringles as part of a Ramadan promotion. Though neither Tesco’s nor Pringles intended to use the smoky bacon flavoured crisps within their Ramadan promotion, due to a staff mistake, the error was broadcasted to countless people due to the viral nature of social media.


Give your digital marketing some love with the help of Win

13 February 2015 | Tags: , , ,

Valentines day is tomorrow and as tradition dictates, many people will be showing love to their significant others. Here at Win marketing we decided to put a different spin on Valentines day, by showing how you can treat your company’s digital marketing at this time of year. Considering the fact that you can’t give it some cheap chocolates and petrol station flowers as a sign of your love, this may be the only way you can show your digital marketing your feelings! Detailed in this post are six key elements of digital marketing and how Win can help you vastly improving each aspect.


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