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In the same way people are different, brands can also develop unique characteristics that allow them to differentiate themselves from competitors and sustain long relationships with their customers. By creating positive emotional brand associations you can encourage loyalty through being trustworthy and attract new customers by being interesting or exciting.

It is all about building a reputation and engaging with your customers. Brand consistency is the glue that reinforces your brand message. Without this a brand will lose its credibility and influence in the marketplace. It is important that an organisation never sends out mixed messages.

Whether it be branding your products, packaging, advertising or the people in your company, consistency is vital to ensure a successful and sustainable marketing plan.

Your branding strategy should be like a “stick of rock”

The name is the same throughout the sweet – your customer should see complete consistency at any aspect of dealing they have with your organisation.

Conducting internal research and external market research helps clients assess existing perceptions of their brand and if these are consistent with what the company management had expected. This is especially important when managing a global brand across different international cultures.

Determining your brand values is key to help you differentiate yourself from the competition and Win Marketing facilitates workshops to help clients agree key messages associated with their branding and help with their visual corporate identity.

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