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Creative & strategic marketing

Marketing consultants offering a complete marketing solution

As a marketing consultancy, providing strategic marketing advice and support for clients, based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, we are able to support clients locally throughout the East Midlands, nationally and internationally with market research, marketing plans and communication strategies.  

Marketing agency offering specialist support

Think you need a leaflet, or a website designing? Think you need a quick advert producing?  Need to promote your services, but not sure how?

  • Have you thought through the messages you are conveying to your customers or clients?
  • Have you thought about the 'corporate voice' being used in the leaflet - is the writing compelling enough?
  • Does the content and the message draw the right people to want to buy into your product, brand or service?

When a client comes to Win Marketing for a quick leaflet design, not only do they get a creative, talented designer, but that client also gets over 90 years combined marketing knowledge and expertise. This strategic marketing thinking brings together your brand and key messages, while also incorporating a strong 'call to action' to entice your customers to choose you rather than your competition.

Through every project Win Marketing undertakes, from a 'quick win' through to full strategic marketing support and consultancy, this joined-up thinking is always a priority, and this how Win Marketing can help you and your company achieve your goals.

As a marketing consultancy based in Loughborough, near to Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, our marketing consultants support the in-house team of marketing specialists in creating websites, leaflets and adverts, developing PR campaigns and offering a variety of marketing services that is right for our clients and their markets.

By offering both strategic marketing advice and implementation support, this "joined-up" marketing thinking provides proactivity and results for our clients.

A wide range of marketing support

Win Marketing's marketing consultants help clients when they are either under-resourced, under-experienced, under-skilled, or simply just aren't sure what they need! Based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, Win Marketing supports clients nationally throughout the UK and internationally, having worked across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Clients range from large global corporations, public sector organisations and small and medium sized businesses in sectors covering banking, healthcare, rail, engineering and IT.

Supporting you to achieve your goals

Win Marketing's marketing consultants help clients to achieve their goals through offering various marketing support:

Strategic Marketing

For some organisations, yearly marketing planning is part of their normal procedures. For others however, day to day issues distract from assessing business and marketing opportunities. Many organisations tend to 'shoot from the hip' and make decisions based on reactive thinking. Win Marketing's marketing consultants will work with you to tie in research and information, along with tried and tested methods, from years of experience and expertise, to develop a proactive strategy, or plan to ensure that there are no surprises, and your marketing budget can be spent in the most efficient and economic way. Read more about strategic marketing...

Marketing Research

Win Marketing believes that market research and information is the basis for all marketing activity, as it gives you and your management information in an unbiased way about what your customers and clients want, where your employees and stakeholders believe your organisation is going, and research also informs you of what the competition are up to. Only after this information is gained and interpreted, should any organisation continue with marketing activity. Read more about marketing research...

Marketing Communications

Not sure what marketing communications is? When you see an advert in a newspaper or on the back of a bus, or come across a Twitter page, or see a great exhibition stand at a conference, or perhaps when you read an interesting article in a newspaper or magazine, that is marketing communications. It is all about communicating your product, brand or service to your customers. Win Marketing provides practical support in all aspects of marketing communications and marketing promotional activity, to help you get your message across to the right people in the right way. Read more about marketing communications...

Creative and strategic branding

Branding is more than just a logo. Do the words on your website reflect your company? Does the design of your business cards, or your company brochure or catalogue look like part of your company if you block out your logo? Good branding is where your customer can hide a logo and read the words, see the images and the design and they can still identify your organisation. A simple way to test this is to go to your website, scroll down past your logo, and honestly ask yourself 'does this look or sound like my company? Win Marketing looks at the ethos of your organisation along with your logo and your industry to develop creative branding which fits in with you and your organisation. Read more about branding...

Public Relations (PR)

An effective PR and communications strategy can result in improved recognition, direct sales leads, better relationships with stakeholders, raised awareness and an enhanced reputation. Win Marketing looks at all aspects of pr, focusing on the viewer or reader and tying in this pr with your organisations branding. Read more about PR...

Web Design

Win Marketing has been designing and developing websites for over 15 years. What we believe is that your website shouldn't just be an on line catalogue, it should be an on line extension of your organisation. Not only should it have a great design, but it should also work, not just for your customers, but also should be tailored to get your organisation higher in search engine rankings. Win Marketing has in house graphic designers and web developers who work with our marketing team to create a website for your customers, not just for you. Read more about web design...

Online Marketing

The 'new kid on the block', web marketing, has actually been around for a few years, and Win Marketing have been focusing on search engine optimisation and social media, and how this ties in to your marketing communications strategy for a number of years. Web marketing is not just setting up a Facebook or a Twitter account, for Win Marketing, any online marketing should be tackled in the same way as traditional marketing, using research and strategy to determine your marketing communications and to develop the right messages and way to portray your organisation, and make your voice heard in the crazy, busy world of the Internet. Read more about online marketing...

Sales and Marketing Training

Our training division offers sales and marketing training uses elite athletes. Along with Tim Stimpson, the ex British Lions and England rugby full back, Win Marketing is able to help individuals and teams improve performance using the lessons from sport and business. Read more about training...