Market Sectors

As marketing professionals, we recognise the value of understanding a specific market and industry. The terminology, the idiosyncrasies and the make-up of the target audience can be unique to a particular industry. Recognising this quickly helps us to be more effective in meeting clients’ marketing requirements.

Marketing for the healthcare sector, for example, will include different tactics, strategies, communications, etc than marketing for the construction sector or marketing for the rail sector.

B2B marketing is vastly different than B2C marketing, as communicating with the consumer will involve different language, different images, web marketing, methods of communication etc. than communication with corporates.

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The Win Marketing team has gained considerable marketing knowledge across many industries which has proved vital in helping our clients achieve their marketing objectives, increase their exposure and ensure a maximum return on their investment. The diverse marketing and communications knowledge and expertise within the team allows us to develop into new market sectors and helps bring a fresh approach for our clients.

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