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Advertising is a key element in helping to raise awareness of any brand. Win Marketing can help you determine the message and the visual element for any advertisement. Our experienced team can recommend relevant media to reach out to your target audience including traditional magazines, newspapers and online opportunities. We will consider your marketing messages and develop these in an interesting, relevant and attractive concept to help your product or service get noticed.

We work with clients to help them develop successful advertising campaigns. Win Marketing’s advertising services include:

  • Developing and clarifying the objectives of any campaign
  • Confirming the call to action, contacts, timescales, etc
  • Selecting relevant media appropriate to the target audience
    • Traditional magazines and newspapers
    • TV and radio
    • On-line websites and portals
    • Banner advertising
    • Pay per click
    • Sponsorship
    • Other media – bus backs, tickets, etc
  • Negotiating media rates – helping clients to get the best value for their budget and where possible securing editorial opportunities alongside advertising
  • Developing advertising concepts to maximize your message covering copywriting and design
  • Managing the campaign covering timings, insertions, sizes, etc
  • Evaluating the campaign and making recommendations for the future

If you are interested in Win Marketing providing support with advertising, please contact us or phone +44(0)1509 265890.

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