Focus Groups

Detailed insight from focus groups let you know what people really think about your brand

Focus Groups for market research provide an excellent forum to understand in detail what customers and consumers think about a product, a service or a brand. The information gained from Research Focus Groups allows a marketer to develop their marketing strategy. Having an insight can help overcome wasted marketing communication messages and provides companies with competitive advantage in how they position themselves and how they develop their products and services.

Win Marketing have used Market Focus Groups for a number of scenarios including:

  • Focus groups to provide information prior to launching a new brand – assessing what people think of images, messages and logo designs
  • Focus groups to assess new products and new services
  • Focus groups to assess the levels of internal communications and how communications within an organisation could be improved
  • Focus groups to understand the market offering and consider the competition

Full-service approach to focus groups for comprehensive feedback

Usually Focus Groups are held with 10 participants and Win Marketing offers a full service which includes:

  • Working with clients to agree the number of focus groups to be held, considering the geographic locations to meet the client objectives
  • Developing the relevant pre-requisites for any participant to attend the focus group to ensure a relevant sample is achieved
  • Providing a recruitment service for focus group participants, ensuring they meet the agreed criteria
  • Developing the structure for the focus group meeting including questions and format of the workshop
  • Facilitating the focus group to ensure no one participant “takes over” and all participants have time to explain their views
  • Scribing the event or offering a filming service to allow clients to have a full record of the focus group
  • Providing summary notes from each focus group
  • Providing a summary report combining findings from all of the focus groups, with recommendations for further action or recommendations for the marketing strategy

Tailor-made approach to focus groups focuses on your businesses’ exact needs

Win Marketing adopts a tailor-made approach when delivering focus groups, because the objectives are always specific to the exact needs and objectives of our clients. With marketers of the Win Marketing having over 20 years experience of delivering market research and marketing focus groups, Win Marketing can help you find out the detailed qualitative information about your clients.

If you would like to know how running focus groups can help with your marketing strategy, please contact one of our marketing specialists on 01509 265890 or contact us for a no obligation discussion.

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