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Over the years, clients have used video to stimulate demand and increase sales. Historically, videos took time to produce and were costly. They required a video or DVD player at client’s premises and many organisations felt they did not always justify the cost.

Now, with YouTube being the second largest search engine and being owned by Google, more organisations see the benefit of producing short video clips – ideal for their websites and for a YouTube presence.

Win Marketing can provide a full video service which includes:

  • Concept design and outline scripting
  • Scripting questions and answers sessions
    • If required providing a professional broadcaster to be the face on camera or the interviewer
  • Preparation for filming
    • Discussion and co-ordination of any props to assist the filming
  • Co-ordinating the filming
    • Through our network of associates we have a range of professional cameramen to call upon, many have worked on national TV and international broadcasts
  • Assistance on filming day
    • Art directing on the day, asking questions and generally being on hand to ensure the filming is smooth and professional
  • Editing the footage
    • If you require a simple YouTube video, then we produce these in-house. We often recommend clients come into the office and work with us to edit the footage and agree what is and is not to be used
    • If you require a more animated video with detailed graphics and music, then we use a range of professional editors to provide the finishing touches to your professional film.
  • Uploading and publishing to websites
    • Once the video has been approved, we will publish onto YouTube and if required to your website.
    • We can assist in developing social media and PR announcements to help get your video noticed.

Video is an excellent media to use for various levels of marketing communication including:

  • Product launches
  • Product demonstrations and instructions
  • News update
  • Customer testimonials

Example Videos

If you would like help with corporate videos, please contact one of our marketing communication specialists on 01509 265890 or contact us.

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