Online Surveys

Cost-effective feedback easily gathered from your target audiences

To help clients gain as much information in the most cost effective manner, Win Marketing adopts a range of online research methods as a means of gathering both qualitative and quantitative information and ascertaining secondary research data using the internet. Online research we have conducted for clients includes:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys following a purchase or product or service
  • Client surveys following an audit or other professional service from accountants or solicitors.
  • Service quality and consistency assessing the levels of service customers have received across different countries/offices.
  • Impartial and confidential employee surveys.

A senior marketing consultant will manage all aspects of the market research online surveys for you and this includes:

  • Questionnaires are developed by a marketing professional to ensure the relevant information clients require will be obtained.  An online survey is then developed and where appropriate can be set up to reflect your branding. The survey can be linked to your own website or to a separate hosting area.
  • E-mails and e-shots with links to online surveys are written by the Win Marketing team to encourage participants to complete the surveys. Incentives are often used to encourage a greater response using a prize draw or a donation to charity.
  • Following an agreed cut-off date, Win Marketing will provide a detailed report of all answers together with a summary of the findings. Graphs and charts are used to demonstrate key statistical data.

Save time and money with online market research

Through conducting online research we can collect data from large numbers of respondents without the expense or restriction of international boundaries.  We have worked with clients to conduct research in multiple languages including Arabic.

Online research allows us to carry out worldwide research projects without leaving the office. This approach is also useful for obtaining responses quickly, therefore saving time and money. Through the years, online research has been a fantastic tool for our clients enabling them to develop their marketing based upon our findings.

If you are interested in Win Marketing providing support with your online research please contact us or phone +44(0)1509 265890.

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