Email Newsletters

Communicate with your clients and build relationships

Electronic newsletters can be an annoying email into a full inbox, but a well targeted campaign, relevant to the recipient can be a good source of useful information.

All e-shots should be useful for the recipient with relevant snippets of information identifying links to the various useful pages on your website, allowing the reader to click on more information as they feel fit.

Useful, helpful information for your customers

E-shots should be sent on a regular basis, but not too often to annoy and only sent when there is something of real news and value to the receiver – not just a sales plug.

People are always looking for the ‘what’s in it for me‘ – which is why it is so important to give your customers useful, helpful or amusing information and communication. Not only will you be ‘sticking in their mind’ but, you will position yourselves as an expert in your field to those who really matter.

As with any form of direct mail, e-shots and electronic newsletters should comply with the Data Protection Act and should have the facility for a recipient to unsubscribe. Certain measures should be covered to ensure you are protected from any spam filters and from being put on any black lists.

At Win Marketing we have over 12 years experience of designing and distributing E-shots and electronic newsletters for clients. We can send on your behalf to your database, we can procure names of contacts if applicable or give you the HTML coded e-shot for you to distribute.

If you would like to discuss how regular, direct email marketing to your contacts can help improve communication and boost engagement with your prospects, then get in touch with us on 01509 265890 or by filling in our Contact form for a call back.

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