Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Are you as good as you think? Find out from your customers

Marketing requires developing and maintaining relationships with your customers and clients. By involving clients a company can understand how they can improve their current service and develop new products – listening to customers helps provide you with a competitive edge.

Win Marketing has worked with many different types of organisations to provide impartial customer satisfaction surveys. Delivering as online customer satisfaction surveys can provide an insight in a cost-effective manner over how well your customers rate your level of service. One-on-one telephone interviews or face-to-face market research interviews can provide a more in-depth response allowing us to explore in detail the reasons why your customers think the way they do. Customer satisfaction surveys can provide an invaluable insight into your strengths and weaknesses and how important this is to a customer. Competitor comparisons can be discussed and the information helps to develop new products and services and informs your marketing strategy.

Tailor-made customer surveys to suit your businesses’ goals

Win Marketing has conducted numerous satisfaction surveys including:

  • Post audit surveys for large accountancy firms
  • Post service surveys for legal practices
  • Various business-to-business surveys for both products and services in IT, consultancy and engineering
  • Various business-to-consumer surveys for travel companies, hotels, car dealerships and hire car companies

Customer satisfaction surveys provide a valuable insight to your business and can help you to create a greater competitive advantage. Working with Win Marketing can help you ascertain impartial views where customers will open up with their comments to a trained market research specialist.

If you think market research and customer satisfaction surveys can help your business please contact one of our specialists on 01509 265890 or contact us.

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