Monitoring and Evaluating your Marketing Activity

Ensuring your marketing stays on track – helping you meet your objectives

As part of developing any marketing plan, measurement controls should be identified for the specific marketing objectives and activities prior to implementation. Confirming how the marketing activity is to be measured allows clients to evaluate on an ongoing basis if their marketing plan is being kept on track and that the business objectives are likely to be met.

How can Win Marketing help to monitor and evaluate your marketing acivity?

Win Marketing supports clients with implementation of their marketing activity and typical measuring tools used include:

  • Research to assess before and after awareness levels with customers and the media
  • Media coverage compared to the competition
  • The number of followers and their levels of influence on social media sites
  • Budgetory control
  • Timescales – ensuring activities are completed on time
  • Number of enquiries
  • Increase of visitors to the website and the levels of interaction users have with the website
  • Increase in sales

If you need help understanding if your marketing budget is working for you and analysing its level of effectiveness please contact one of our marketing specialists on 01509 265890 or contact us for an informal discussion.

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