Pay Per Click Advertising

Generate sales leads from your site

Generating enquiries from advertising is a key tool for many organisations in increasing sales. Improving your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) using pay per click, online advertising and sponsored links, allows you to drive traffic to your website.

Whilst we would always suggest clients develop a well-optimised website and generate a high ranking in the search engines, there is still a place for pay per click and sponsored advertising.

The information gained from a Google Adwords, LinkedIn or Facebook campaign, can be valuable in developing and implementing your online marketing strategy. A well-targeted campaign to specific user groups, for example on user forums or social media sites can help drive traffic to your site.

The cost for any advertising can be easily assessed and evaluated to enable you to plan future spend.

The team at Win Marketing can help plan and implement your pay per click advertising campaign and make ongoing recommendations to help improve performance.

If you would like to discuss how pay per click advertising could help develop your online marekting and improve inquiries and sales, please contact one of our internet marketing specialists on 01509 265890 or contact us

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