Direct Market Research Interviews

One-on-one feedback provides clarity and understanding

Direct market research interviews allow a company to explore in more detail exactly what individuals think of a specific product, service or brand. The information gained in a direct interview can be priceless in determining how a company can make improvements and how it can ensure competitive advantage.

Research interviews can take the form of a telephone interview or a face-to-face interview and depends on exactly what objectives a client has as to which method will provide the best results.

Win Marketing has conducted telephone market research interviews in many countries across the world including Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, USA, UK, Singapore, Portugal, Spain and the Middle East region.

The process Win Marketing adopts with direct market research interviews includes:

  • Working with clients to agree any specific criteria for respondents and the sample number required
  • Developing a series of questions which will meet the client objectives. There will be a mix of quantitative and qualitative market research questions – vital to provide a full fact-finding response from the interview
  • Establishing a method to evaluate responses
  • Assisting in finding respondents
  • Providing a report for each market research interview
  • Providing a summary from the market research interviews with recommendations

Identify ways to improve your business and boost sales

With significant experience in market research, the Win Marketing team delivers tailor-made market research solutions and has helped clients with information related to:

  • Improving communications
  • Developing new products and services
  • Benchmarking clients against their competitors and identifying areas for improvements and competitive advantage
  • Exporting and new markets – which countries and locations should they enter into

If you have a specific market research project where you believe direct market research interviews will help or are interested in how research interviews can help your business please contact one of the marketing professionals on 01509 265890 or contact us for a no obligation conversation.

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