Copywriting for Websites

Get your messages across effectively

Many web developers can help develop an effective and efficient website and many web designers can help make your site to stand out.  However, few companies will provide the complete service and will expect you to write your own copy.

Writing content for a website is a skill in its own right and something that many of our clients want support with.  Often they do not have the time, resources or skill to implement. By working with our clients we clarify the benefits of their services, agree the key words and structure of their website.

By interviewing our clients, we gain a greater understanding of the products/services and the benefits this brings to their customers and prospects. From this we start copywriting for the web and develop the web content to work for the website.

We will consider internal links, page titles and descriptions for your website and the navigation elements to help the user find the information they want quickly and easily.

Using the skills associated with traditional copywriting and marketing communications, we will develop web content that is right for your market and your target audience.  This includes your call to action and any potential marketing communication messages to help people engage with your site.

Copywriting for Search Engine Optimisation

As well as looking at your customers, Google and other search engines need to be considered. Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to the success of any website – without good rankings in search engines, your website will be very difficult for customers to find in the first place, before they even get to read any of the content on the website.

Copywriting for your website needs to have the same support and dedication as the technical aspects of web development and our team of experienced marketing communications professionals, copywriters and pr professionals will help you develop the content you need for your website.

If you would like to talk to one of our web marketing specialists about copywriting for your website, please call 01509 265890 or contact us.

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