Marketing Communications

Getting your messages across through marketing communications – be heard and understood

Win Marketing provides practical support in all aspects of marketing communications and marketing promotional activity to help you get your message across and meets your objectives. The in-house team of marketing communications specialists provides a “one-stop shop” of complete communications support for commercial, public sector and not-for-profit organisations including:

  • Developing a communications strategy
  • Delivering a communications strategy for engaging with external stakeholders
  • Developing and delivering your online communications strategy
  • Concept designs for innovative marketing campaigns, helping you to get noticed
  • Copywriting and graphic design to bring the concept to life
  • Testing to confirm the marketing messages will work with your target audience
  • Internal communications strategies and processes to ensure efficiency
  • Training and development to improve performance in your organisation

The marketing team of specialists at Win Marketing can deliver your communication requirements. Specialising not just in external communication, but also engaging with external stakeholders for not-for-profit organisations and internal communications, Win Marketing provides total support for all aspects of marketing and internal communications from developing communications strategy to assisting with implementation. The team of communications specialists at Win Marketing can deliver any aspect of your communication requirements. Offering a “one-stop shop” marketing communications approach, our in-house team includes marketing specialists covering: strategy, copywriting by ex-journalists and public relations professionals, graphic designers, web developers, social media marketing and online PR experts – providing clients with a complete marketing communications support in the following areas:

If you are interested in Win Marketing providing support with a specific marketing communications project please contact us or phone +44(0)1509 265890.

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