Mystery Shopping

Experience your business as customers do

Mystery shopping is an effective marketing exercise that can be used to measure and report covertly on your company in either a retail environment or a business to customer environment. It can be used to assess the performance of your organisation, quality, level of customer service, or to research staff knowledge of new products.

Mystery shopping includes:

  • Customer service evaluations
  • Telephone mystery shopping
  • Exit interviews/surveys
  • Web site evaluations
  • Site visit/shopping experiences

Win Marketing conducts a comprehensive mystery shopping service at a level to suit your company. This can be a one-off exercise, or as part of an ongoing assessment.

Identify strategies to boost your business

Mystery shopping will help you identify:

  • If customer service procedures are followed – enabling you to monitor good practice or introduce measures for improvement.
  • Poor performance gaps so you can close them.
  • Training needs.
  • Service quality delivered.

The results will help you better manage your business by delivering information that enables you to take relevant and appropriate action.

If you are interested in Win Marketing providing a mystery shopping service for your company, please contact us or phone +44(0)1509 265890.

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