International PR

Consistent communication across borders and regions

Many companies need to expand their markets and start to export in countries where they are not well known. Other companies have a client or stakeholder base internationally, but do not maximise their opportunities.

Win Marketing has worked with a number of UK companies looking to export or increase their export sales and also work with clients who are based overseas and want to expand into the UK. Some of the international clients we have supported into the UK include:

  • An American and South African IT company
  • An Australian lighting company
  • A Saudi Arabian Islamic Finance Bank
  • A Russian travel company and tour operator
  • A Russian television programme

Our experience of international PR includes:

  • An understanding of the different cultures and languages to adopt when implementing international PR campaigns
  • Complete project management of exhibitions and events at major trade shows in Europe and the Middle East
  • Media relations across the health and safety, airline, construction and healthcare media in Europe and the Middle East
    • Gaining media exposure and providing promotional support for clients targeting Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dubai, Brazil and Australia
    • Media relations have been conducted in the relevant languages French, Spanish and German – not in English
  • Product launches at UK Embassies to raise the profile of the company in conjunction with the local Ambassador
  • International conferences in Antigua, USA and Europe
  • Organising case studies across Europe to publicise in media and on clients’ websites
  • Developing websites in several languages or for relevant cultures – one of our clients has 96 websites globally to appeal to the various markets internationally.

If you are a company based in the UK and want to expand internationally or are an international company looking for a partner in the UK to help you promote your products or services, then please contact one of our marketing communications professionals on +44 (0) 1509 265890.

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