Using Marketing Tactics to Communicate the Health and Safety

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With 15 years of experience in the health and safety sector, Win Marketing specialises in communicating the health and safety message. Over the years, we have created successful and engaging campaigns for many clients in this industry, and MD Ann Goodwin regularly hosts seminars to help companies communicate their health and safety message more effectively by using marketing strategies.

To communicate safety, Ann notes that it is important to make your message more visually appealing. When we take in information, we are likely to remember more of what we see and hear. We remember 20% of what we hear and 50% of what see and hear, so it is crucial to associate your message with a visual cue.

As such, one of the most effective ways to communicate the safety message in your building or workplace is by branding it. By personalising it, you make it more relevant to your employees or residents. Branding also helps to make something that is quite serious into an exciting initiative in which your staff will be eager to participate.

You can start by developing a brand name and a logo. As is the case in marketing, the brand name should be catchy so that it sticks with your employees. The logo adds a visual aspect to make the brand more memorable. Then, you can develop a strapline that concisely sums up your health and safety message.

Once you have developed a health and safety brand for your message, it is time to start putting it out there. There are many ways to keep staff aware of your health and safety message. Promotional items are a great way to remind staff, such as posters, brochures and pens. Digital marketing can also play an important role in communicating your message. Social media, blogs and e-shots are great ways to engage your staff, and these tools can be used to remind them of your safety message.

There are also many ways to actively engage your staff. Competitions and reward schemes get everyone involved by offering incentives that will inspire them to prioritise safety measures. Recognition and awards will also encourage staff to continue to maintain a high standard of workplace safety.

Ann presented her Communicating Safety talk at the Health and Safety North in Bolton. You can view her presentation below

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8 February 2017

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