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17 December 2015 | Tags: , ,

2015 has been an exciting year at Win Marketing. We have taken on many different projects for a wide range of clients, helping them to meet their marketing needs. Here are some of the highlights of our year:

Market Research and Strategic Marketing
We carried out several market research projects, helping companies like COBA and Antalis find out more about their target audience. Both companies have found the research to be invaluable, whether it is for developing new products or informing their strategic direction to enable them to maintain competitive advantage and improve their levels of customer service.

Win Marketing also provided comprehensive strategic marketing services for BRE Academy, AVN Accountants Network and My Lawyer in Spain. The team at Win Marketing has supported a number of clients in 2015 helping them to improve their service offering, core messages and promotional tactics. Ensuring that they can reach out to a wider audience, retain their existing customer base and appeal to new customers.

Web Marketing
Win Marketing also led many web marketing projects, such as completing the Online Personal Training section of the Active Aims website. Working with leading evacuation equipment specialist the team at Win Marketing have been responsible for helping improve their online presence with a new website, regular electronic newsletters and social media. The team were delighted to help with a new web design and marketing project for a charity organisation GoMAD, who help young people to go and make a difference across the world. Win Marketing also helped many clients make their sites more mobile-responsive, an integral part of any successful web marketing and SEO strategy.

App Development
Today, many brands are developing mobile apps to further benefit their customers. In 2015, Win Marketing took on one such project for Active Aims by creating their HEAL app. It is a sophisticated piece of software that offers up dietary guidelines and exercise challenges to help motivate users to lose weight and improve their levels of fitness.

Win Marketing looks forward to a busy and productive New Year. We hope to help even more clients improve their marketing. If you’d like to start 2016 off right with a new marketing strategy, or just need help keeping your social media presence active and engaging, give us a call at: +44(0)1509 265890.

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17 December 2015

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