3 Important Things Brands Should Know About Their Customers

20 April 2017 | Tags:

At Win Marketing, we have carried out many market research projects and we have developed a successful approach to finding out exactly what our clients need to know about their customers. There are some obvious answers that will directly influence your marketing tactics, such as: age, income and location. However, you may want to delve deeper, as focusing on other specific details could really improve your marketing strategy.

Their interests
It can be helpful to delve deeper into the interests of your consumer base to get past the obvious. If you sell baking supplies, it is obvious that your target market likes baking – but, they have other interests, too.

Perhaps your market research reveals that many bakers also enjoy knitting. You will know what types of brands to interact with on social media platforms to get your brand noticed by your target customers. This is also helpful if you have print advertising budget, as you can target publications that will interest your customers but may not be on the radar for other brands in your field.

What influences their purchases
All customers have different criteria to determine whether or not they decide to purchase a product. Some customers make decisions solely on price while others require recommendations from trusted sources. There are plenty of reasons why a customer will choose to purchase one product over another, and it is important to know how they come to this decision.

These influences will directly affect your marketing tactics. For example, customers that are entirely price-conscious will not necessarily care that Kim Kardashian recommends your particular product. As such, it is crucial to know what influences your customer’s purchases and adjust your marketing accordingly.

What type of content they respond to
Content is king, and all marketers should be well aware of the types of content that their customers will respond to. For example, email marketing may not be ideal for brands that wish to target a younger demographic. Content on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr is more likely to get a response.

The opposite will be true for brands that aim to appeal to professionals or an older demographic. Direct marketing and email marketing are the types of content that will appeal most to these consumers. So, be sure to find out their preferred form for contact – and, get in touch with them through those means.

Win Marketing can help you get to know your target customer better. Visit our Market Research page or give us a call at 44(0)1509 265890 to find out we can be of assistance.

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20 April 2017

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